About Yazen Qamoh

Denver Pharmacist Yazen Qamoh

My name is Yazen Qamoh, and I am a pharmacist in Denver, Colorado.

Education and Experience

I completed my education in pharmacy at the University of Colorado Denver Skaggs School of Pharmacy. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

I have worked as a pharmacy technician and pharmacy clerk, and I also have experience in pharmaceutical research.

In recognition of my academic record at UC Denver School of Pharmacy, I was inducted into Rho Chi, an invitation only honor society.

For a comprehensive overview of my educational history and experience, please view my curriculum vitae.
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Why Does Experience Matter?

I believe pharmacy is an engaging, captivating field to work in — there is always more to learn and discover when you’re a pharmacist. My experience shows that I am dedicated to continue learning about pharmacy, and that I enjoy what I do.