Why Become A Pharmacist?

Considering A Career In Pharmacy?

Pharmacists are an important piece of the healthcare puzzle. We are the link between patient and physician — we help patients better understand the medications they’re taking, and we advise them about reactions between different medicines.

A Rewarding Career In Pharmacy

As a Denver pharmacist, I find my job to be very rewarding. But why do I believe a career in pharmacy is so fulfilling?

  • We help people get well. Knowing that we are essential to the healthcare system, and that we do our part to help patients get well, is a big reward for our efforts.
  • There are many career opportunities. Pharmacists don’t only work at small or retail-chain pharmacies. Pharmacists can also work in universities, hospitals, and many more places.
  • An opportunity to be a part of an exciting, evolving career. This is especially true if you enjoy science, chemistry, and research. There are always new things to learn when you’re a pharmacist.

For me, being a pharmacist in Denver is the most rewarding career I could think of, and I would definitely encourage anyone considering pursuing it.