What Makes A Good Pharmacist?

Are All Pharmacists The Same?

Pharmacists are close colleagues of physicians – it is our job to ensure that patients receive the medications their doctor ordered. We also carefully check over a patient’s medication history, to ensure that the patient is not taking a dangerous combination of drugs.

Finding A Pharmacist You Can Trust

As an experienced Denver pharmacist, I can tell you, readers, that there is more to being a good pharmacist than just handing patients their pills with a smile. So, what makes a good pharmacist?

  • Good pharmacists show concern and care for their patients.
  • Good pharmacists try their best to answer the patient’s questions about their prescriptions.
  • Good pharmacists have extensive knowledge of how drugs work, and are able to advise patients on how to safely take their medications.

As a pharmacist in Denver, I strive to give patients the care and attention they deserve, and ensure that I do my part to help people feel better.