How To Choose A Pharmacist

Your Pharmacist Should Do More Than Just Fill Your Prescriptions

How do I decide on a pharmacist or pharmacy to use?

Most people think of pharmacists as just people who fill out their prescriptions. But, as a Denver pharmacist, I know from experience that my job – and the job of every pharmacist out there – is much more than just that.

Your pharmacist should not just hand you the pills and send you on your way. An excellent pharmacist, who is dedicated and committed to what he or she does, will strive to answer all of your questions. Pharmacists are close colleagues of physicians. When looking for a pharmacist to entrust with your medical needs, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the pharmacist willing – and glad – to answer any questions about the medications I am about to buy?
  • Does the pharmacist exhibit knowledge and expertise?
  • Does the pharmacist work with my insurance?

Keep in mind that it is always best, whenever possible, to have all of your prescriptions filled out by the same pharmacist. A knowledgeable pharmacist will be able to talk to you about any interactions between your prescriptions, and advise you on how to handle your prescriptions safely and efficiently.

When you are looking for a pharmacist in Denver to trust, don’t just go with whomever is closest or cheapest. Experience, knowledge, and quality of service are important, and keeping this in mind can lead you to a healthier life.